5 Important Duties Performed By An Anesthesiologist

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Henry Cabrera, MD

An anesthesiologist is an expert who gives anesthesia to the patients in a professional manner. Anesthesia cannot be given by a general doctor; it has to be given only by an anesthesiologist because he is the one who knows how to implement the overall procedure in the right manner. The process is quite complex and cannot be handled by someone who is not an expert in the field.

Henry Cabrera, MD

The anesthesiologist has to carry out a series of important job responsibilities on a regular basis; some of which have been stated below in this article.

Controlling pain:

One day before the operation, the anesthesiologist meets the patient so that he can know if the patient has any concerns regarding his surgery. After the meeting, the anesthesiologist makes a plan for the surgery while considering the patient’s major requirements. The anesthesiologist has to closely monitor the overall management of medication being given to the patient so that the patient can be saved from any kind of pain. Different types of anesthesia can be given to different patients in order to beat the pain.

Post-surgical duties: 

The anesthesiologist also has to take care of the patient after the process of the surgery has been completed. Of course, once the patient is given the anesthesia, he will experience some side effects for some time and an anesthesiologist can help the patient in this phase by offering effective pain killers.

Emergency care duties:

An anesthesiologist plays quite an important role in critical and emergency care.  They have to take care of the patients who have been hit by a traumatic situation or need to be treated on an urgent basis. In such cases, the anesthesiologists offer services like controlling pain, providing an airway, stabilizing patient, etc.

Obstetrics services:

An anesthesiologist is also needed in the maternity wards. When the nurse is unable to offer the right dosage of pain killer and the patient requires to be given heavy dosage, an anesthesiologist is needed so that he can give stronger dosages to lessen the pain.

Advising the patient:

Since the anesthesiologists are known to be pain managers, they have to advise the patient on how they can deal with a situation in an effective manner.

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