3 Tips to Prepare Your Patients for Anesthesia and Surgery!

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Henry Cabrera, MD

Anesthesia is given to a patient prior to the performance of surgery so that the patient can enter into a state where he or she does not feel any pain and stay unaware of all the functions being carried out. An anesthesiologist is a person who is responsible for giving anesthesia to the patient. Anesthesia cannot be given to the patient by a regular physician. Apparently, it might seem that it’s a simple task but in actual it’s not. A lot of times it happens that patients have already made their mind for the surgery but just before undergoing the process of surgery, they withdraw their consent. Many times the reasons behind this are the fear of being given anesthesia. It is the responsibility of the anesthesiologist that he makes his patient feel comfortable and clear all his confusions so that the patient can be brought out of the state of fearfulness.

Henry Cabrera, MD

In this article, you will get to know about the most effective tips that will help the doctors get their patients prepared for anesthesia and surgery.

Let patients speak about their concerns:

It is important that you let your patients share their worries, concerns, and fears with you. When patients are undergoing surgery for the very first time they are not aware of the procedure and this frightens them a lot. In order to make them feel better, you should inform them about the process and allow them to ask as many questions as they want.

Inform and educate the patients:

A lot of times patients end up canceling their surgeries at the eleventh hour because they are afraid of anesthesia and the doctors do not do much to clear the confusions and uncertainties. Though this can be avoided by educating the patients regarding the overall process.

Help your patients plan:

There are many such patients who are not aware of the post-surgical conditions and this is something that a doctor should inform them about. Doctors should remind the patients to make arrangements for the infants or small children who depend on them. Moreover, the doctor should also remind the patient about arranging someone who will drive them back home in case there is no requirement to stay in the hospital.

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